The Cameras that Started It All Part One (HTC Excalibur Windows Phone)

As a child back in Chicago and Indiana, I played around with an old film camera. I would use it to mess around with the flash. I don’t think there was film in it. Later when I was in middle school, I remembered using my sister’s Polaroid i-Zone camera that gives you those little stickers. Later, I used some early feature phones with cameras. I also got an MP3 player/camera for my first mission trip to Spain; but when the battery died, it would wipe out all of the photos. Yes, all of my photos from that trip were gone. However when I was in high school, my dad gave me his old HTC Excalibur (T-Mobile Dash at the time) which was my first smartphone. It was one of those old school Windows Mobile 5.0 phones that have some apps and can even run an NES emulator! It got Microsoft Office which I used to type my assignments during car rides. The thing that I utilized the most was the camera.

It had a 1.3 Megapixel camera, abysmal in today’s standards. However, I took photos of everything! I would take it with me to high school and take pictures of my friends and whatever wacky events that occurred.

Having too much fun in Physics class with the polarizing lens

I would shoot video on it too. I still have the files, and the audio was terrible. Even though the quality wasn’t great, I had so much fun recording them. Instead of having a fuzzy memory of it. I get to keep a recording that I can look back to 13 years later. The pictures may be blurry, but I get to invoke a memory and admire the beauty of that scenery.

Narita City, Japan 2010

Probably the biggest projects this phone get to go through were going to Spain and Morocco for a second time and my 10 week stint to the Philippines. Here are some of my favorite pictures starting with Spain.

What’s significant with the Philippines gallery is that I have pictures of my grandmother which was the first time my brother and I met her in person. I’m glad we get to see her before she past away early last year. I’m also glad that I get to bring my Dash with me to document my experiences over there.

I would consider this phone to be the one that really started it all when it comes to photography. Taking pictures in 1.3 MP with poor technique just taking a snapshot. However, I look at these pictures fondly as if they were taken professionally because of the memories I had taking them. My mind may not perfectly remember what my grandma looked like, how beautiful the mountains of Benguet were, the blue waters of the Mediterranean, the awesomeness of the Pizza Mobile car, the times of celebration during high school, nor what my high school looked like; but, I have pictures to look back to that come with the memories.

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