Giving a Shot at Landscape Photography

I wanted to check out Simpson Park in Hemet since it was relatively close to home. I used to live in Redlands where Hulda Crooks and Prospect parks were super close and have a network of trails. I noticed some of the trails in the San Jacinto/Hemet area are either in the San Jacinto mountainsContinue reading “Giving a Shot at Landscape Photography”

The Cameras that Started It All Part One (HTC Excalibur Windows Phone)

As a child back in Chicago and Indiana, I played around with an old film camera. I would use it to mess around with the flash. I don’t think there was film in it. Later when I was in middle school, I remembered using my sister’s Polaroid i-Zone camera that gives you those little stickers.Continue reading “The Cameras that Started It All Part One (HTC Excalibur Windows Phone)”