First Expo!

My wife and I attended our first expo at our church at Breakthrough Church in Moreno Valley last month. It was a smaller venue with top notch vendors. To be amongst great artisans and chefs, it was truly an honor to be a part of this expo! Our fellow church members were surprised that weContinue reading “First Expo!”

Man in the Mirror

I’ve noticed from my day job, a few of my colleagues have been quitting to (in a sense) find themselves. Some of them went overseas to get their Master’s. Some left to learn a new language. I even know of someone that left just because like in a soul-searching mission. Our society would say thatContinue reading “Man in the Mirror”

The Cameras that Started It All Part One (HTC Excalibur Windows Phone)

As a child back in Chicago and Indiana, I played around with an old film camera. I would use it to mess around with the flash. I don’t think there was film in it. Later when I was in middle school, I remembered using my sister’s Polaroid i-Zone camera that gives you those little stickers.Continue reading “The Cameras that Started It All Part One (HTC Excalibur Windows Phone)”

First Post

When I think of a first post, I think of a first impression. A first impression is an important impression, but it is not the only impression. I believe that a bad first impression can be redeemed through rebuilding trust.

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